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Foxhole Lactation

Lactation services is how The Foxhole began. Connor Giddens, IBCLC and IBCLE Pathway 3 candidate, Tirzah Roberts, LPN, CLC, AHA BLS Instructor, serve the Upper Cumberland with in home, office, and virtual services in any step of your lactation journey. We collaborate with other holistic, pediatric professionals to help you reach your feeding goals - whatever that may look like. Powered by Milk Guide, most of our clients have insurance coverage and pay nothing out of pocket. "Pay what you can" is available for those that do not have insurance coverage. We will never turn away a family based on financial barriers. 

Connor Giddens

IBCLC, Owner

Connor has been practicing lactation in the Upper Cumberland since 2018. She received her IBCLC in 2022 and began training new consultants to serve the area as well. Connor takes a holistic approach and works with outside referral providers for tongue/lip ties, body work, and more. She is available for office and virtual appointments. To book, email

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Tirzah Roberts

LPN, CLC, AHA Instructor & Pathway 3 IBLCE Candidate

Tirzah has been training under Connor since fall of 2022 and is approaching her exam to become an IBCLC. She has also almost finished her coursework to add CBS onto her CLC certification, giving her over 130 hours of lactation specific education on top of clinical hours. Tirzah teaches our group lactation classes as well as CPR certification classes and newborn safety. She offers mother's helpers packages as well. Contact her directly at She is available for in-home, office, and virtual consults. 

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What We


Prenatal Classes

We offer at least one group prenatal class each month and have private options available as well. In this 2-3 hour class, we explore the early days of feeding your baby, latching, pumping, bottle feeding, mental health, resources, and more. Recommended to take around 36 weeks gestation. 


Office Consults

Office consults give us more availability without the travel time, and we may be able to see you sooner! This is also a great option if you are going to be in town or need to utilize the "pay what you can" services. We do try to keep it comfy and welcoming as well!


Pumping and Bottle Feeding

Not every family wants or is able to feed directly at the breast. We can help you with selecting a pump, flange sizing, schedules, bottles, and more!



We offer a variety of classes at The Foxhole for lactation and if you have insurance coverage, they will cover classes as well! Examples include: Prenatal Classes, Breastfeeding Nutrition (with Foods of the Spirit), Back to Work Pumping, Milk to Meals: Starting Solids. We also offer several support groups!


In-home Consults

We serve a large area of the Upper Cumberland to provide consults in the comfort of your home. We bring a scale and our supplies - you stay in your pajamas! We get to practice in your chair, bed, and comfort space. Plus you do not have to get a new baby out!


Virtual Consults

Virtual is a great option if you live in an area without lactation support, sickness in the house, just need a quick check up, or have a difficult work schedule. We use our compliant and secure portal. We can do most things virtually that we can in person!


Tongue, Lip, & Cheek Ties

If you are having issues nursing, there is a chance you have come across the term Tongue or Lip Tie. This can sound scary, but we can walk you through every step! Connor is TOTs Specialty Trained and can assist with pre-release, healing, suck training ,referrals, and more to help you navigate ties. 


And More!

It is hard to list everything we help new families with in this field so please reach out if you have any questions! Other topics we help families with: low milk supply, non-latching, re-lactation/inducing lactation, mastitis & clogged ducts, bottle refusal, surgeries, nutrition, multiples, tandem nursing, weaning, painful latch, cleft lip/palate, and more!

"She was so gentle with him but was able to check him out fully for tongue, lip, and cheek ties. She recommend several highly regarded professionals to help us with his release. If your on the fence about having a lactation consultant, I promise it is someone you truly need in your corner on this journey."

Sarah H.

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